My Father’s squash club has six glass walled courts that surround a central bar. The bar provides an audience for the players and the players provide entertainment and a context for interaction for those at the bar

This marriage becomes the backbone for Squash Club the game. A persistent online VR world where you play and socialize in equal measure as the two elements facilitate and feed off each other

The game world is an endless sheet of glass. Above stands you and up to 11 other players free to socialise. Below lie games atop floating columns ready for you to buddy up and jump in



Joining games is as simple as walking into the next zone

Just tap the headset button while looking at where you would like to go. No gamepads required

Inside the zone you will find other players and ongoing games beneath the glass floor


To play a game, simply stand on the buttons with up to 3 other players

The players on the surface will be able to see how you do and high scores will be posted to a jumbotron

To try a different game simply leave the zone through the picture of the game you'd like to play next

Matchmaking will automatically find the best session for you

Join in progress and seamless host migration support mean the games will endlessly persist

Regardless of hardware or physical location you'll be able to find your friends and play together

You'll find a light, intuitive, fun and social experience for novice or more seasoned VR players with games that are easy to learn and hard to master

The highly scalable and expandable world allows unlimited new and exciting game options for the future.